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Reduce Prior Authorization Burden for Genomic Lab Through Sunknowledge Solution

AMA survey stated physicians feel prior authorization to be a huge burden. The survey stated:

  • 64% of respondents reported waiting for at least one full business day for the prior authorization process.
  • 30% reported delay of at least three business days.
  • 78% report that PA can at sometimes lead to treatment abandonment also
  • 92% reported PA can have a negative impact on patient clinical outcomes

Due to the trouble prior authorization process have been facing,  the American’s Health Insurance Plans(AHIP), American Medical Association(AMA) and other industry stakeholders on January 2018 released a statement for improving prior authorization process for genomic lab, DME, orthotics and prosthetics, radiology and other medical treatments.

The statement deals with:

•    Applying selective Prior authorization requirement – this process can be done by distinguishing prior authorization application based on best medical practices, providers performance or any sort of contractual obligations.

•    A regular check of Prior authorization – checking and regularly reviewing the treatments that are subjected to prior authorization and removing which no longer fits authorization rules help a lot for the patient treatment.

•    Communication is the key – communication is the key for any prior authorization process. Effective and constant communication among providers, patients and insurers can reduce potential authorization delay and have proper operational transparency about the workflow and details related to the prior authorization process.

•    Patients care - continuity should be given importance when the patients s already undergoing certain treatments.

•    Use technology for transparency and efficiency- usage of updated electronic prior authorization portal giving transparency workflow and updated report.

Sunknowledge Solution:

As the prior authorization process is frustrating and time-consuming. Healthcare providers find outsourcing as the best options for prior authorization for genomic lab, radiology, demand other specialties.

Outsourcing organization Sunknowledge Service Inc caters a full range prior authorization services including authorization request, approval. With an increase in your current rate of prior authorization by 1.5-2x and operational transparency is what Sunknowledge experts are known for. A 100% prior authorization submission on the same day and 99.9% accuracy, we provide a no-cost dedicated account manager for your issues of prior authorization for genomic lab, radiology and other specialties. Get in touch with Sunknowledge expert for more information on prior authorization for your genomic lab and get an effective solution for revenue generation.

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